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The Program consists of 4 Float Sessions, and a bonus Infrared Sauna session. It is encouraged that you take your float sessions once a week for 4 weeks, though you can book them at times to suit you. After each float, you will receive a small guide to help you be more mindful of your device use, with tips and suggestions on small changes you can make during this period to see the most benefits.

Why Floatation therapy?

Floatation therapy is clinically proven to reduce stress and induce a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Not only this, but it gives an uninterrupted hour of allowing our brains to take a break from the constant stimulation of today’s world. Being in a state of sensory deprivation allows us to reboot and our brains become much more receptive to new information and solutions.

Simple yet powerful

Floatation therapy is the best way to melt away all techno stress in zero gravity. This relaxation experience coupled with mindful meditation will be the perfect escape for busy executives. Time spent in self-care also known as me time will help to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Float Lab has centres in Currambine, Wembley and North Beach, and you choose the location convenient to you for your Digital Detox.