Our Story

Welcome to Float Lab!

Our passion is to introduce floating to a wider audience, we spent a number of years researching floating studies, the industry internationally, float studio construction and building products and techniques. This extensive research resulted in our first custom designed Becalmed Float and Recovery Studio opening in North Beach WA in 2016. Followed by our Wembley and Currambine studios in 2018.

Throughout our years of research we realised that the key to a consistently good float is the quality control of the float room itself. It is a common misconception that Float Pods or Tanks provide all the necessary features needed for a good float session, this is not true. Floating is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling them at the desired level and maintaining those levels for the entire float session.

At Float Lab we’re true to the science of floating. Our mission is to ensure our clients receive the best sensory deprivation experience in available in Perth. Floating is therapy that allows the body and mind to reset, recover and recharge!

We hope to see you soon!
/The Float Lab Team

Why use Float lab

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Our Centre

A  properly constructed floatation therapy room should eliminate all external sensory stimulation, noise and light. It should be capable of maintaining a consistent temperature in accordance with agreed floating science. This provides a sanctuary for the mind to switch off from its daily state of awareness and slip into a meditative relaxed state.

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Our Filtration

The float solution’s high salinity level prevents the growth of algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms. The pods are re-filtered after each float session for 25 minutes.The filter is capable of filtering contaminants above 10 microns and UV light disinfection. Along with our rigorous filtration system we maintain a high level of sanitation between each sessions. 

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Our Research

We have partnered up with a variety of health professionals to research how floatation therapy can assist in healing the body and mind. Our recent study  involves FIFO workers and how floatation therapy can help with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. We are always looking to partner up with more like minded organisations in excelling awareness for floatation therapy. 

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Our Partners

Like many other businesses, we wouldn’t be who we are without the support of like minded small businesses in Perth. We are proud supporters of Ronald McDonald house where we have the pleasure of floating the volunteer, workers and families of sick children. If you want to partner with us feel free to contact us and get the conversation started today!