April 11, 2022

How Often Should I Float – Part Two

How often should I Float

Now that you’ve tried your first three sessions, or have been to a few ad hoc float tank sessions, it’s time to set your goal.

What would you like floating to bring to your life, or support you in doing?

Below is a list of different frequencies and how these time intervals could support you in a more specific way.

Keep in mind, the benefits of floating are not limited to a one-time frame – all floats will help you access these positive effects.


Once a Month – Reset Your Foundation

A monthly float will help you reset. Mind and body.

This is a great routine to generate more calm and offload stress by lowering your cortisol levels and boosting endorphins.

Your float is a monthly opportunity for dedicated self-care and a break in the stress cycle of everyday living and routine. This is also a chance to reflect and set new intentions or goals to guide you through the next month.

Floating once a month is ideal for those on a tight budget or a fast-paced schedule if you’re generally healthy without too many aches and pains.


Twice a Month – Ease and Health Boost

If you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, headaches, or anxiety, floating more often can be part of your therapy.

Twice a month, a float will help intervene in the build-up of those problems, easing your way back to balance so you can focus on your priorities and carry them out with calm.

Where you experience flare-up issues around spinal misalignment, floating twice a month can help ease the pressures on your body with the zero-gravity pod, supporting the recovery or preventing their reoccurrence. Often when you are in a seated daily posture or, on the other extreme, are always on your feet, this creates ongoing niggles, aches, and pains.

Twice a month visits to the float tank will also help your focus and creativity – a great antidote to feeling like you’re ‘in a rut’, boost your immunity, give you an opportunity to rest, and help improve your sleep.


Weekly – Smooth Transition

A weekly floating routine can be a great healer, particularly when going through a difficult or challenging time in your life – emotionally or physically.

With the effects of floating being cumulative, weekly sessions can help give relief from insomnia and troubled sleep as well as mental health struggles like anxiety and depression.

This frequency can also help in the preparation for a big event, whether that be academically, career-based, a family change, or physical preparation.

When there is a major life change or milestone, weekly floats can help keep you grounded and avoid that mental health downward spiral that may come along with that transition.

Physically, weekly floats can ease the strain of a particularly demanding routine, like those of an athlete, sports competitor, or trainer.


Daily – Therapeutic Treatment

A daily float practice is a fast track to transformation. It can be utilised for a short-term goal or part of a long-term plan.

Much like weekly floating, daily floats help wase an intensely emotional situation, or when your body is recovering from injury, illness, or exercise – especially where rapid recovery is important.

For instance, physically preparing for an athletic event or competition, recovery, and optimal performance are crucial.

Daily floats could also be used as a form of retreat – setting your intention on one purpose for a short period of time, For example, a daily meditation practice for 10 days, a detox program for two weeks or support while you change a habit or break an addiction.


Over to you

Like most things in life, the only constant is change – so be flexible in your approach to your float routine. When your goals or needs change, allow your float sessions to support you.

Quite often the busier you get, the more you can benefit from floating! So, remember, the most important thing is to maintain a regular practice at a frequency that suits you because the benefits are cumulative.  Missed part 1 of this series?  Read here.

If you would like help in deciding on a package that best fits your goals and budget, our friendly team of experts are here to help. Give us a call, or book your float tank session online now.