August 16, 2022

How to Find the Best Float Experience – Part 1

Find the best float experience at Float Lab Perth
We remain true to the science of floating

Floatation therapy is a relative new-comer to the health and wellness scene, compared to stalwarts like massage, or meditation. So, it’s hard to know what to look for to get the best experience.

There is a science to floating, and at Float Lab, we believe in doing things right.

We have researched and perfected our service over seven years in operation and understand the key to a consistently good float is the quality control of the float room itself.

The float tank itself is just one part of the equation, floating is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling and maintaining those levels for the entire float session.


Silence is Golden

The purpose of floatation is sensory deprivation – to create an external environment that offers no input, effort or disturbance to your physical body, so those internal and mental processes can repair and restore.

When the private room your pod is situated in is soundproof, this guarantees you won’t be disturbed by noises around you, enhancing your relaxation and allowing you to go deeper.


Temperature Under Control

Too hot, too cold, are no good. You need it just right! The room temperature needs to be set to a constant temperature that ensures your body is prepared and calm to enter the pod and not jolted out of your relaxation when exiting.

During your float it’s also crucial the room temperature is maintained at a comfortable level so those who prefer the lid to be open during their session aren’t getting too cold or hot, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the sensory deprivation as your body and brain put focus back on temperature equilibrium.


Clean and Fresh

Water hygiene is one of the most common questions and priorities for floaters. The latest technology in sanitisation is chemical free and involves filtration technology by oxygenation, combined ionization and UV treatment.

The Epsom salt solution should be filtered 4 times via a network of filters and meet regulations set by the local authority, in our case the WA Health Department.


Somewhere to Lay Your Head

While the volume of Epsom salts in the water helps your entire body float, for best results and relaxation a head support floating pillow will make your experience more comfortable and allow you to totally relax your muscles, importantly those in the neck area that often carry a lot of our tension.


The Power of Light and Sound

Chakra light tones and calibrated lighting is important for your sensory deprivation and healing. The light waves help to bring your physical and emotional body back into balance and dim lighting that allows no extra visual stimulation contributes to sensory deprivation.

Music and sound is a way to soothe and relax us, so using music for a smooth transition into the pod and gentle re-awakening as you exit helps the progression of your relaxation in and out.


Float Lab

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for the mind to switch off from its daily state of awareness and slip into a meditative relaxed state.

The Float Lab experience is different from most – we remain true to the science of floating.

For more information on the Float Lab experience, visit our website and browse around the frequently asked questions, educational blogs and pricing and packages.

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog duo, which will delve into the added extras that form a premium floatation experience.