July 5, 2022

What are the Benefits of Regular Float Therapy?

Benefits of Regular Float Therapy at Float Lab Perth

A float therapy session is bliss. And when you start a regular float practice, you’re in for a total life quality shift.


The benefits of a single float start to wane after a day, so establishing a regular practice builds up cumulative benefit, and you experience health, wellbeing and life changing effects, like never before.


Let’s explain why.


Immunity Boost

There’s a growing body of research aligning the relaxation of float therapy and immunity boost, as it reduces the effect of inflammatory stress. Healing can be increased for a number of ailments with regular floating.


Magnesium Hit

Many of us do not get enough magnesium from our diets and run at a deficiency, impacting immunity, enzyme regulation, cardiovascular and neurological systems, sleep and muscles, to name a few. Soaking it up through your skin in a magnesium-rich float pod is one of the quickest ways to get a regular magnesium infusion.


Keep Aches and Pains at Bay

Weightlessness and magnesium can help ease musculoskeletal problems that niggle, exacerbated by our daily, repetitive movements, stress or exercise. Regular floating will help relieve pressure points and stop them reaching their peak, promote vasodilation to improve oxygenation to the brain, organs and limbs, and accelerate exercise recovery by reducing lactic acid.


Meditation and Self-Care

Finding time for meditation or relaxation is not always easy. Our best laid plans have the habit of falling to the bottom of our priority list. Booking regular floats means you always have time set aside for mindfulness, in the perfect meditation environment. No distractions.


Happy Hormones

That feeling after a good laugh, yoga class or exercise session, is thanks to endorphins and dopamine, which are also released when you float – that ‘post-float-glow’. Float therapy turns on happy hormones, and turns off the hormone that triggers cortisol release in adrenal glands.


Better Sleep

Sleep quality is one of the first improvements many clients notice after a float session. Sleep is vital to ‘rest and digest’ with physiological and psychological implications for our quality of life. Regular floating ensures this positive effect is continual.


Creativity and Brain Function

Supercharge your brain and impress yourself and others with new levels of creativity. Research shows post-float creativity is elevated, thanks to theta state brain waves and the better communication between the two brain hemispheres during a float. So, over time, you enhance your ability to create, learn, remember and absorb new material.


Mental Health

Much research has identified float therapy as the key to manage life stress, anxiety related disorders including PTSD and depression. Float therapy is an important part of a holistic, ongoing approach to support good mental health.


Digital Detox

Our screen time is rapidly increasing, impacting our brain and bodies, so planning digital detox time is essential. One effective solution is regular float therapy, as a counter environment for our brains to switch off and reboot.


How Often Should I float?

Studies have shown every hour spent floating will help reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels, with flow on effects combating fatigue and mood enhancing with stimulation of happy hormones.


For best results, we recommend a regular weekly, or even twice a week session – many clients find floating regularly in this way provides the perfect balance in their lives.


To work out your magic number, check out our blog ‘How Often Should I Float?’.


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