January 23, 2019

Why Float Lab

Experience at Float Lab Perth

Following a motor vehicle accident in 2001, Float Lab Co Founder Aaron Hunter’s life changed significantly. Leading an active life with a love for sport and with diverse business interest, an unexpected and the chronic neck injury took its toll. Things usually taken for granted, were no longer options and inevitably frustration turned to depression.


Pain management became the focus, existing not living was the result. Medicated with Morphine patches and Ketamine rubs to dull pain and anti depressants to lift mood, multiple medical procedures ensued culminating in fusions to c3, c4 and c5.


A close friend suggesting he try a float. Having exhausted most other options and knowing nothing about floating he was prepared to try anything. After the first introduction to the world of floating, Aaron experienced a notable sense of release, lighter mood and optimism that had been missing for some time. Aaron was amazed and arrived home to tell partner Johanne, “we are building a float studio!!”


In business Aaron’s philosophy is to provide quality products and services that represent value and are backed by results.


With a passion to introduce floating to a wider audience Aaron spent a number of years researching floating studies, the industry internationally, float studio construction and building products and techniques. This extensive research resulted in our first custom designed Becalmed Float and Recovery Studio opening in North Beach WA in 2016. Followed by our Wembley and Currambine studios in 2018.


Throughout our years of research we realised that the key to a consistently good float is the quality control of the float room itself. It is a common misconception that Float Pods or Tanks provide all the necessary features needed for a good float session, this is not true. Floating is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling them at the desired level and maintaining those levels for the entire float session. This is what we provide at Float Lab, hence the change in name.


Each studio is custom designed and built by our Float Lab team. We present inviting, warm and relaxing spaces for our client’s enjoyment. The attention to detail, design features and quality materials used which are not visible, is what makes your float experience better and makes us Float Lab!!!