February 21, 2019

The Benefits of Soundproofing When Floating

A float tank at Float Lab Perth
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. - Irish proverb

It’s all about the senses, and I will try and make sense of that for you!

The human sense are designed to keep us safe from harm, alerting us to risks. providing us with awareness to our surroundings and even enjoyment through taste, smell and touch. It is commonly accepted that as a race we are suffering from hyper stimulation and our senses are feeling it. Our modern life poses modern problems. With technology advancements such as computers, smart phones, email, Google, Facebook, Instagram etc…. We have constant connectivity. Never before have our senses been so stimulated and we are suffering a connective crisis. Anxiety – Stress and Depression are major health concerns and can be largely attributed to our modern world over stimulating our senses.


Floating provides balance to overstimulated minds. As it states on our website floatlab.com.au “Floatation therapy is the science of managing multiple sensory triggers, controlling them at the desired level and maintaining those levels for the entire float.


At Float Lab we are true to the science. Our passion is floating.

It is our job to ensure our clients receive the best floatation therapy treatment available to reset, recover and recharge.A  properly constructed floatation therapy room should eliminate eliminate external sensory stimulation noise and light in particular. It should be capable of maintaining consistent temperature in accordance with agreed floating science. This provides a sanctuary for the mind to switch off from its daily state of awareness and slip into a meditative relaxed state.


It is common for the floater to experience various states of brain activity during a float session including Theta wave patterns  (3 to 8 Hz) .Theta brain waves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. You cannot expect to achieve sensory deprivation without being in a sensory deprived environment. Below are a few of the keys.


Silence is golden. External Noise will interrupt the cycle of a float session, following  strong acoustic principles is critical to good float room construction.


Decouple, floors walls and ceilings wherever possible use soft fixings it will limit noise transfer from other rooms, and adjoining spaces.


Flanking, noise travels through objects, over walls, around corners needs to be eliminated. Block the noise pathways.


Mass, use dense materials to avoid vibration in walls ceilings etc.


Absorption, too much is never too much, buy the best materials and batts, use lots of them Rockwool is our insulation material of choice. ” Learn about our expert choice, Rockpool Insulation here.


After all, “Noise is the enemy”, poorly constructed float studios are noisy, any external noise can ruin your float cycle never underestimate noise.


Why is floating called floating?

Simple it’s all in the mix, the floating solution is a combination of 900l water containing. 500kg of medical grade magnesium sulphate. basically 50/50 it has a (specific gravity of 1.27) due to the density of the solution. it impossible for the floater to sink, eliminating the effects of gravity on the body and hence floating is called floating.  Taking the heat out of it,  Temperature is another critical element. Skin temperature is typically 35-36deg the solution should be maintained at this temperature.and the room temperature should be set to maintain a constant temperature slightly less than this level. Air movement should be considered and directed in a manner to avoid the effect of cooling the skin and alerting the floaters senses. A well designed and constructed float studio should maintain constant temperature with low humidity levels to ensure a comfortable and effective float session. You should become one with the pod water, losing touch with your body as it is cradled in the perfect comfort of the magnesium solution.   Variable temperatures will alert your senses and cause discomfort awaking the brain from its relaxed state.


Photos of our studios and the expert soundproofing, that will ensure you the best float in Perth.